Our vision is to enable renewable power grids with a stable and high-quality power supply. With our extensive network of business and research partners we are a bridge between research, policy makers and grid operators. As such we bundle and distribute knowledge to shape a sustainable future.

Who are we?

Sabine Auer

Dr. Sabine Auer

(Future) Partner

Tim Kittel

Dr. Tim Kittel

(Future) Partner

Christina Horn

Christina Horn

(Future) Partner

Our solutions for you:

  • Our novel modeling techniques can represent all frequency and voltage dynamics of a renewable power grid from subseconds to hours. So you can be sure your grid stays secure while increasing your share of renewables up to 100%.
  • Our analysis will show you the most cost-efficient and grid-secure way to transition to 100%. By suggesting optimal placement and usage of grid-stabilizing infrastructure such as flywheels or batteries, we reduce the cost of your energy transition drastically.
  • With our analysis tools you can increase the power quality in your grid and avoid blackouts. Hence, you can feel at ease when inviting more customers with high power and power quality demands to your location.
  • The computation will be done on our servers, so there is no need for any computational hardware while guaranteeing maximum data security.

Supported by

Climate KIC (EIT) Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research Humboldt Universität zu Berlin Humboldt-Innovation


MicroEnergy International Reiner Lemoine Institute GreenAdapt Gesellschaft für Klimaanpassung ETH ZürichAutomatic Control Laboratory Fette Dynamics