About us

We are Dr. Sabine Auer, Christina Horn and Dr. Tim Kittel. We want to bring the new possibilities of our analysis methods and our expertise on RES out into practice and accelerate the transformation to green energy usage. The green energy sector is a field of work that combines exciting innovations and meaningful engagement and we are driven by the idea to actively shape power systems as future entrepreneurs.

Sabine Auer (Future) Partner

Dr. Sabine Auer contributes her expertise in power system modelling to our spinoff. Her focus is on the development of transformation scenarios towards renewable power generation with an optimization of the energy mix and necessary grid-balancing infrastructure. For this task she gathered technical experience in frequency and voltage stability analysis on the distribution grid level during her PhD at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research within the BMBF-funded CoNDyNEt project. With her work at Siemens, PIK, Yale University and ICFO, she gathered more than 8 years of experience in the field of renewable energy and power systems.

Tim Kittel (Future) Partner

Dr. Tim Kittel is focusing on the further development and maintenance of our software and is responsible for the contact with our academic and computer science partners. During the three years of his PhD at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research within the DFG-funded IRTG 1740 "Dynamical Phenomena in Complex Networks: Fundamentals and Applications", he developed his background in both mathematical physics with a focus on the stability assessment of complex network systems and programming on the PIK’s high-performance computer. Tim has co-organized programming and software development workshops in the last years.

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Christina Horn (Future) Partner

Christina Horn holds an M.Sc in industrial engineering and contributes her knowledge in business development to constantly improve the customer experience, react to new market needs and ensure that elena international always stays one step ahead of the competition. She has a 4-year experience in research transfer by founding and leading the organization r2b-student. This organization focuses on sustainable technologies and assists scientists of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology to market their discoveries. With studying and interning in Taiwan, China, Tanzania, Morocco, France and India, she is experienced in working internationally.